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QZ-STB Product Advantages:

1.High waterproofing low endothermic nature
2.Eco-friendly and UV resistant EVA foam products
3.Safe for bare feet,No craking,warping and splitting
4.Light weight,but reasonable structure,so not easier to crack
5.Natural wood appearance,easy installation,just use the adhesive

Marine Boat Yacht Synthetic Teak decking / PVC Teak decking

Excellent foot comfort and impact mitigation

The Boat decking is made from PVC+additives(anti-UV,anti-oxidants etc.), adheres to just about any fibreglass surface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The PVC Teak decking not only cushions your feet and joints, reducing fatigue from vibration, but also acts to deaden sounds, a plus for fishermen who rely on stealth.

Good anti-skid effect

PVC Teak Boat Decking has been steadily expanding from the towboat and wake-boat niche into fishing boats and runabouts. Every new Nautique boat comes out of the factory with PVC Teak decking on the floor, and it's easy to see why the PVC Teak marine decking is popular onboard boats where the deck is usually wet. Unlike carpeted decks, once common on ski boats and runabouts, you can hose the PVC Teak surface off or scrub it with soap and water to keep it looking new. But looks aside, its real advantage is how it feels underfoot.

Good anti-skid effect boat decking

Easy to clean and maintain

The life expectancy is between three and five years, though well-maintained Teak can last longer. However, unlike teak decking, PVC Teak yacht decking is designed to be removable without too much hassle or permanent damage to the fiberglass. Our boat decking sheet is applied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive from 3M that never dries completely, so it's always tacky. This means it can be peeled or scraped up with a plastic tool and the adhesive removed chemically, leaving bare fiberglass behind. Installing PVC Teak yourself is also a "peel and stick" operation without the need to trowel out glue or contact cement, so it's a little more DIY-friendly, though you still need to start with a proper template.

Easy to clean and maintain Boat decking

Boat Decking Details

Description :

Synthetic Teak Decking

Size (width*thickness)


Roll length :

25M / 4.75m2

Roll weight :

32kg / roll

Color options :

Teak with black/white strips,and grey etc.

Raw materials :

PVC+additives(anti-uv,anti-oxidants etc.)

Application :

Boat/yacht/ship and indoor+outdoor

Technique :

Extrusion molding

Boat Decking Model Case

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