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Transom Replacement With a Plywood Core: 9 Steps (with ...

Now you will laminate your new inside transom fiberglass skin. The lamination schedule for each boat will vary, but in general, you will be looking to build up to the original thickness. The new inside skin will be much stronger, and better bonded to the core because of the superior materials (epoxy and biaxial fiberglass).

Transom material ? Hardwood or Plywood ? - TinBoats.net

White Oak or Mahagony is the best option.

Recomendations for new transom material? | Boat Design Net

Having read the transom-material debates in various forums re foam core materials vs. marine plywood vs. poor old Seacast [ pun intended], I concluded that marine plywood is clearly favored by at least a plurality of the pros here as being 'tried and true' and having known qualities, despite it's Achilles heel [susceptibility to rot]. Even so, there appear to be a number of boat builders who do seem to use composites and core material in "smaller boat" transoms with very good results.

Transom Repair: What Material - Moderated Discussion Areas

Most modern boats are built with epoxy resins and transom core material other than plywood. Epoxy resins are much stronger and more water resistant than polyester resins. To assume that you must use the same material to repair your boat as were used to build it is a false assumption.

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Which Material Is Best For Boatbuilding?

Most private vessels in the 20 to 100 foot range fall very near the balancing point where you could get excellent results in aluminum, fibreglass or wood composite, and a significant fraction of those boats could be built equally well in steel or in traditional wood methods.

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  Solid oak he pointed out. It's an aluminum boat with a wood transom.   The original transom had a dip in the middle where the motor is mounted.   The new transom is flush strht across, which I prefer.

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